The God Who Matters

Wednesday night during Bible Study we studied some Scriptures that described God and His attributes. We discussed several passages. The next morning the Lord woke me up with this declaration: “I Am the God who matters.”

I said, “The God who matters? What does that mean?”

God responded, “I Am all you need. I Am enough for you. I Am what’s important in your life. Not another book. Not money. Not your husband. Not your children. Not a career. Not these bills, but I Am who matters.”

Wow! I’m so grateful for my Heavenly Father’s love, correction, and care. And He feels the same way about you and does the same thing. Many times, I focus on the wrong things. Can you relate?

I often draw my attention to things and people who cannot satisfy. They weren’t meant to and never will. This week I have been consumed with things. Stressed beyond, comparing and complaining about my situation and where I am, and what God is not doing. But thank God for gently reminding me that He is what matters.

None of the other distracting stuff is more important than my Heavenly Father. Basically, God had to tell me to stop it and keep my eyes on Him.

What about you? How is it going? How’s your focus? What are you focusing on? What has been consuming your thoughts? What have you been complaining about? What have you stressed?

Whatever it is, let it go. Those thoughts are tearing you apart and destroying you. Release all that junk, lies, false hope, and turn your attention back to God.

I want to remind you, beloved, to look at your Creator. Keep your eyes on Him. As God said to me, I say to you: God is what matters. Turn your attention to Him. Focus on Him. Lose yourself in Him. Be consumed by Him and in Him. Make God first because He is what truly matters.

May you be encouraged by the Word of the Lord.

Now, let’s walk in freedom together!

Your sis




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