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Excerpt from Walking in Freedom! A Thirt

Excerpt from Walking in Freedom! A Thirty-Day Devotional Journey for Women:

Ever had one of those days? Ever felt drained or worn out in
your service to God? Ever felt weary and exhausted because of your
sufferings? Ever had one of those days where it seemed like you
couldn’t endure any longer? Instead of being the prayer warrior, you
needed someone to pray for you. Instead of being the encourager and
uplifting others, you needed to be encouraged and lifted. Well, I was
having one of those days.
I was having one of those days when I felt like all of my strength
to hang in there had disappeared, one of those times when I was not
in the mood to listen to anyone’s problems because I was drowning
in my own.

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“…your thirty-day devotional journey w

“…your thirty-day devotional journey will jump-start a newfound love and adoration for God in you, bonding your relationship with Him and your walk with Christ.”─Walking in Freedom! Guys, a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart. Get her an autograph copy or purchase from your favorite bookstore. #walkinginfreedom