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My new children’s book

This is what 28 years look like…

This is what 28 years look like: I’ve said “yes” to so many people in my life who cared nothing about me as a person. Their mission was to selfishly take, steal, lie, devalue, devour, and scheme. They took my innocence and degraded me. They confused my kindness for weakness. They had other agendas and […]

Undisclosed Wars

You never know what someone is currently experiencing. We do not know the kinds of challenges or battles another person may be facing personally. I am guilty of being in my little world focusing on me and mine. I’m so enthralled by what’s going on in my life that sometimes I neglect to notice what […]

Rest Giver

I love learning, studying, and reading about the different attributes of Jesus. In Matthew chapter 11, we identify one of Jesus’ attributes. Scripture tells us that Jesus gives rest. Think about that for a minute. Not only does He pours out His love to us, offers forgiveness, and extends grace, the Savior gives rest. He […]

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