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Stay calm. Relax. Settle down. You are fine. You’re going to be fine. Things are going to be fine. Everything is fine.

Now, take a deep breath. It’s okay. You’re okay. Breathe. Don’t lose control. You got this. You can handle this.

Don’t get all worked up. God has you. He knows exactly what He’s doing. He has it all figured out. This is all part of His plan.

This is not about you, but all about God. God wants to be glorified and magnified. He wants to be BIG in your life. He wants to be seen. So, let Him!

This is not your fight. This is a fixed fight, a set up! God will fight for you. The Lord will give you victory and He will be with you. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be dismay, but hold your head up. Look to the hills! (Ps. 121)

God has you right where He wants you … depending on Him.

This is just a test, a test to strengthen your faith. This will build you up. This will give you character. This will grow you and make you stronger in the Lord.

So, look to God! Trust Him. Believe on Him. Lean on Him. Follow after Him. Chase after Him. When He moves, you move. Keep your eyes on Him. Don’t get distracted! Don’t become unglued! Hold it together! STAYF.O.C.U.S.PLANSTAYF.O.C.U.S.PLAN

Wait on Him. Stand firm on the Word of God. Remember what His Word says. Remember, He’s come through for you before. Now is not the time to doubt Him!

Let Him be God! Let Him do His great work! Let Him do the impossible (Matt. 19:26)! Let Him work it out! Watch Him show up! Then, watch Him show out!

“But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; then stand still and watch the LORD’s victory. He is with you, O people of Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Go out against them tomorrow, for the LORD is with you!” (2 Chr. 20:17, NLT)



Your Sis and Encourager,
Rhovonda L. Brown
Co-founder/Co-pastor of The Sanctuary Christian Fellowship Church
Founder/Executive Director of Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom!
Founder/President of The Pillar of Hope





I love my life and my family. But I must

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NATIONAL CUSTODIAL WORKER’S RECOGNITION DAY: On October 2nd National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day is a day set aside to show appreciation to men and women who keep our schools and workplaces across the nation running smoothly.

Custodial workers operate behind the scenes and are often under-appreciated for the hard work they do day after day keeping schools, hospitals, office buildings, museums, churches and other buildings clean and well maintained.

While delivering outstanding services and running a well-maintained operation building, they contribute to important first impressions and the success of any business.

HOW TO OBSERVE: If you know a custodial worker, THANK THEM today! Use #CustodialWorkersRecognitionDay to post on social media. #walkinginfreedom http://ow.ly/FsVw30fzCc7 http://ow.ly/i/zatAb