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My new children’s book

Fear Always Shows Up!

I knew God had called me to do some things, but I was so afraid of doing it. I knew I couldn’t do it, not in my own strength. I felt I didn’t have the ability or know-how to handle those responsibilities. I knew I was incapable of doing what God had called me to […]

4 Tips for Living Life to the Fullest

Each year we reflect on 911 and remember those who lost their lives from that vicious attack on our nation. In addition to remembering and honoring the fallen heroes from 911, many worldwide continue to grieve for loved ones who have died from COVID and other causes. All of these sad reminders constantly reveal to […]

3 Tips for Staying Committed

I have discovered that when we make a commitment to God, the enemy begins plotting. He starts attacking us, our families, finances, jobs, bodies, and our minds. Whatever and whomever he can attack, he does! When we open our mouths and announce we’re going to do something for God, the enemy hears and brings the […]

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