A Carefree Life

Today’s passage of Scripture gives comfort to every soul who is fighting a battle, spoken and unspoken. Many are fighting demons, depression, fear, diseases, and other wars. Some are struggling to trust God. Let Psalm 27 be your weapon and armor.  This David Psalm is titled in the Amplified Bible “A Psalm of Fearless Trust…

We May Not Know What She’s Facing

You never know what someone is going through. We don’t know the kinds of personal battles another person may be facing. I am guilty of being in my little bubble focusing on me and mine. Many times I’m so enthralled by what’s happening in my life that I might neglect to notice what someone else…

Our Identity

Wow! I made it to 53! If you could see me do my happy dance, I know you would dance for joy with me. What a wonderful day to be alive! It is a blessing and sheer delight to see another year. I wasn’t supposed to be here. I didn’t think I would be here.…

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