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One Day At A Time

Well, have you already made your “New Year’s Resolution”? Have you been sticking to it? Did you set that huge goal, made a long list of promises and changes that you’re going to do in 2016? I started my year off like that…well, let’s just say on day 3 of this new year I started adding more pressure on myself of rituals, promises, vows, things I would do to make me a better person in 2016. I started off saying that I would do this and that and so forth, even though I knew I would eventually break most of them (if not all of them). But that’s what we do, right? We want to change and/or we want to change the world. And we know it will be hard; nevertheless, we make those gigantic promises.

Making resolutions are good, but what I’ve discovered is that I end up reneging on them. (I know, that’s just me.) I end up not doing what I promised myself, and in return I’m disappointed in myself because I failed myself, again. So, this year , I’m not making any resolutions. That’s right! I’m not making any promises that I know that in the long run, I will not be able to keep. Maybe not for you, but for me, this life is already challenging and complicated. It’s hard! So, why add more pressure on myself and put pressure on other people by making a commitment when I probably won’t be able to make good on it? Those are disappointments that I certainly don’t need.

What I’ve decided to do is simple. I’ve decided to take 2016 one day at a time. Now, I’m not saying that I won’t make plans, have a goal or a vision. That would be foolish (Prov: 29:18; Hab. 2:2). However, today, not next week or by the end of the year, but today – right now – there are some things that I can do or say that will help me be a better me. For this moment, I can choose to do something that’ll bring value to my life and to the lives of people around me. On this day, there are some things that I can achieve, now, that will have positive and lasting effects on my future. No matter how small that achievement may seem. It’s still an achievement.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we can take it one day at a time. Today, I choose to eat a healthy and well balance lunch and forgo that double meat greasy cheeseburger. Yummy! You can decide today that you’re not going to hangout with those individuals who always seem to have drama in their lives or negative conversations. On this day, you and I can make wise choices that are sure to have positive outcomes for our tomorrow.

My sister, let’s take one day at a time, living this day as it was given, a present. Today is a gift from God, and what do we do when we are given gifts and presents? We enjoy those presents and we appreciate them. So, enjoy today; enjoy your present. Live for today! Make today your best day ever, and should The Lord bless us with another present –another day– let’s appreciate and enjoy it all over again.

Live today as if tomorrow is not promised because it’s not.

Happy New Year! 
“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” 
(Matthew 6:34 MSG)
During your quiet time MEDITATE on God’s Word. WATCH today’s music video. Allow all these things to encourage you to walk in freedom!


Rhovonda L. Brown is speaker and author of two bestsellers, Walking in Freedom!: A Thirty-Day Devotional Journey for Women and At Least Say, “Thank You!”: An 8-Day Devotional Plan for a Grateful Heart. 

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Been to the Mountaintop

It’s a little funny to think that the atmosphere and our surroundings can change a person’s attitude, either making the attitude better or making it worse. It’s funny how the coldness outside changes a person’s mood. Today, it’s cold outside and it actually feels like winter. I guess you can say, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”
I’m not the kind of person who loves the cold weather. I don’t like winter, but I enjoy the spring and summer seasons; I prefer the weather to be warm or hot! Nevertheless, it’s cold outside. All I want to do is stay locked up inside my home, snuggling under my heavy blankets, and sleep. But unfortunately, I can’t do that, not today.
It’s Monday, already! Time for another work week. My weekend is over and I didn’t have a chance to really rest; in fact, this past week was exhausting and somewhat stressful. On the other hand, this past week was fulfilling, delightful, enlightening, and invigorating! It was wonderful! I was blessed with an opportunity to do some wonderful things for the Lord. During the past week, the Lord has taught me some new things about myself, and in the process, allowed me to fellowship with other women of like faith.
After the Lord had allowed me to experience such a rewarding week, it seems like I would be on fire and excited about where He is taking me. It seems like I would be encouraged about the next level God is pushing me to, but instead, I’m more hesitant and more confused. Now, I find myself asking more questions, needing more directions, and wanting God to give me answers. And this weather doesn’t make it any better! I’m sleepy and just feel yucky!
No, I’m not sick, just sick and tired of me. I’m tired of me hesitating. I’m tired of me needing answers before I decide to take a leap of faith. I’m tired of wanting the Lord to give me all the details before I decide to really trust Him. And I’m tired of being too afraid and too busy focusing on “the what ifs”. After this week, I should be on fire for Christ, but I’m feeling drained and uncertain.
I am aware of what takes place after God allows His children to have a mountain top experience. The enemy is down in the valley waiting and ready to pounce!
“Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done. He told her how Elijah had killed with the sword all the men who spoke for Baal. 2 Then Jezebel sent news to Elijah, saying, “So may the gods do to me and even more, if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by this time tomorrow.” 3 Elijah was afraid. He got up and ran for his life….” (1 Kings 19:1-3a, NKJV)
In today’s passage, Elijah had just won the battle on Mount Carmel and had slaughtered all the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:38-40). God allows Elijah to have a mountaintop experience. But after seeing the manifestation of the Lord (1 Kings 18:20-46), Elijah receives a message from Jezebel that she’s going to kill him. Now, afraid and drained, Elijah flees to Sinai.
Have you been there? Has God allowed you to have a mountaintop experience? Have you experienced God’s awesomeness, but afterwards, allowed fear and weary to throw you off course?  Instead of allowing our mountaintop experience to get us excited and on fire about where God is taking us, we are allowing discouragement and the feeling of inadequacy to cloud our minds.
Sisters, you and I can learn several things from the prophet Elijah. First, instead of allowing our mountaintop experience to make us afraid and weary, we can receive strength by digesting the Word of God. The Angel of Lord gave Elijah food so that he could regain his strength (1 Kg 19:4-8). Not only do we need food for our bodies, but as Christians, we need spiritual food to continue doing the work of God. When we’re drained from pouring ourselves out for the Lord, we need His powerful Word to revive our souls. His Word will keep us in the right mindset and give us direction for His next assignment.
“…man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” (Deut. 8:3b, NKJV)
Second, instead of having a pity party, we need to get up and get into the presence of the Lord. Elijah whined about how he was doing this and how everyone else was doing that (1 Kg. 19:9-10); but the Lord told Elijah to get in His presence. And we must do the same. In the presence of the Lord is the fullness of joy! In the presence of the Lord there is strength!
“In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
(Ps. 16:11, NKJV)
Third and lastly, we must get help from our sisters in Christ. Everyone needs help, so we shouldn’t try to walk this Christian life alone. God has placed other like-minded Believers in our paths for encouragement, to be prayer warriors who will boldly pray without needing to know the reason. These like-minded Believers inspire us to keep doing what God has called us to do. The Lord sent Elijah to three Believers, Elisha, Jehu, and Hazael who would fight with him and for the Lord (1 Kg 19:15-17). God also reassured Elijah that there were 7,000 people who had not turned away from Him. (1 Kg 19:18).
“Oil and perfume make the heart glad, so are a man’s words sweet to his friend.”
(Prov. 27:9, NLT)
Sisters, we can’t allow the enemy to deflate all the joy that comes with experiencing the manifestation of God’s glory. Let us dive deep into God’s Word. Let us press into His presence, then yoke up with other Believers to receive the encouragement and strength we need to keep serving the Creator. And let us not allow that familiar spirit of FEAR cloud our focus, but get excited about the next level God is taking us to.
It’s Monday…….Already! Let’s stay on fire for Christ and keep praying!!
During your Quiet Time, MEDITATE  on God’s Word. WATCH to today’s music video. Allow these things to encourage you to walking in freedom!

Rhovonda L. Brown is speaker and author of two bestsellers, Walking in Freedom!: A Thirty-Day Devotional Journey for Women and At Least Say, “Thank You!”: An 8-Day Devotional Plan for a Grateful Heart. 

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