WWJD (Jesus over everything!)


I enjoy designing, wearing, and buying t-shirts that have cute, inspirational and Bible quotes and statements on them. Recently I purchased a white t-shirt with the statement on the front, “Jesus Over Everything.” Let me tell, I loved wearing this cute shirt with a nice pair of jeans, thinking I’m cute… until one day, in all my “cuteness”, the Lord caught me by surprised with some thought-provoking questions. In a moment, I’ll share with you what He told me. Afterwards, I was convicted and enlightened at the same time. Whenever I wear that t-shirt, I’m reminded of what Jesus said and did.


Jesus’ life was motivated by His love for and obedience to the Father.


Here’s what the Lord said, why are you parading around in that shirt? Do you really know what you’re saying? Have you thought about the bold statement you are making? Are you really living up to what you’re wearing?


Jesus over everything basically means doing things Jesus’ way. How did Jesus live on this earth? What was His way? Jesus’ way was God’s way. He consulted God before every move. Before every spoken word. Before every healing. Jesus first sought God’s direction and will. He made sure every decision and miracle and conversation would bring glory to God. In other words, Jesus’ purpose was/is to make God big, to magnify Him and make God the center of attention. Jesus made God first, over everything else.


Jesus lived a prosperous and impactful life because He made connections, went out of His way to really get to know people. He noticed the hurting and did something about it. He was a joy to be around. Even children wanted to spend time with Jesus. (Matt. 19:14; Lk. 18:16; Mk. 10:14) His conversations were pure. He talked about His Father. He took time to really listen to people as they shared their issues. Jesus’ life was motivated by His love for and obedience to the Father (Jn. 6:38-40). He wasn’t stand-offish but approachable which made people love Him more. He was true to His Word and His Word always came to pass. He made other people better, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. (Jn. 4; Matt. 9:20; Mk. 5:15; Lk. 8:35)


Let’s examine our thoughts and actions and words under the microscope of the Holy Spirit.


Jesus placed God, His Father, over everything. He always brought every conversation and act back to the will of God. You and I must have the same mindset as Jesus. We must do things His way, which is God’s way and will. We must be obedient to our Heavenly Father no matter the cost. Jesus over everything means thinking, acting, speaking, and living like the Savior.


The phrase “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) was popular back in the 90s, though it is still relevant today. A question we must ask ourselves daily. What would Jesus do? How would He handle this situation? How would He handle this situation? What would be His reaction?


My sister, all of our decisions must reflect how Jesus would respond. Let’s examine our thoughts and actions and words under the microscope of the Holy Spirit, and then choose the right way. Jesus’ way. So, at the end of the day, as we evaluate how our day went, we can happily say, “I chose Jesus over everything.”



Let’s walk in freedom doing things Christ way.



Your sis,




It’s Wednesday, Hump Day! Here’s our biblical principle to help us over the hump.


MARK 3:35 AMP:

“For whoever does the will of God [by believing in Me, and following Me], he is My brother and sister and mother.”

Encouraging You to Walk in Freedom! ™

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