Mo’ Finer

Went to the gym earlier this evening with my goddaughter, DeDe. I did a little cardio on the treadmill to get me started. Then, she and I did some weights, crunches and squats together. Later on, we took a cycling class which was the first time for me. I was brave and committed while my goddaughter cheered me on. Oooh, my goodness! That class was something else!! It was tough! The class lasted about 45 minutes (it felt like hours to me). Afterwards, my legs were wobbly, clothes drenched in sweat and I was exhausted. I was relieved because I thought once the class was over, DeDe and I would head back home….yeah right!

Do you know what my goddaughter said to me? “Time to work my legs.” Wh…wh…..what do you mean?! Isn’t that what we just did?!! Now, who does that?! Nobody but my goddaughter, that’s who! Lol!

Man, gotta love her. If I stick with DeDe, I’ll be mo’ finer (yep, I said it!), mo’ finer by springbreak! Lmbo!

Thx DeDe for working out with me! I love you! I’m looking forward to the next one! Signing off…….
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