Talk About An Awesome Feeling

Friday, I had the privilege of reading Adventures of Karter: I Need a Hug to my grandson’s Pre-K class! Talk about an AWESOME and EXTRAORDINARY feeling!! Priceless!

Adventures of Karter: I Need a Hug was inspired by my oldest grandson, Karter, while he was in my daughter’s womb. It was written within a few weeks, but I didn’t release it into the world until four years later. And that’s because I kept procrastinating. I kept making excuses of why the book wasn’t ready. Time was never right. Fear and procrastination persuaded me not to publish my first children’s book. Yes, I had the imposter syndrome about writing this particular book.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to God for encouraging and strengthening me with confidence to step out on faith and do what seemed impossible. I didn’t want four more years to pass by and have Adventures of Karter: I Need a Hug still hiding in a manila folder, sitting on my shelf, and not being shared with the world. So I self-published my 3rd book and was blown away when I discovered it was awarded Amazon bestseller in eight different categories multiple times. Nobody but God gets the glory!

I am a proud Indie Author, helping others write and publish their books. If you are ready to move past fear, prepared to become an author, register for my upcoming Masterclass: How to Write & Publish a Book in 90 Days Masterclass. I will teach you how to write and publish a book in 90 days.

The first three people to register today will receive one of my Indie Author T-shirts for free.

Also, register by December 31st and receive a 10% discount. Use the code: MYBOOK22.

It’s Monday already! Let’s walk in freedom together, letting go of fear, procrastination, and excuses!

Your sis,


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