24-Day Thankful Challenge

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. In addition to all the good food and spending time with loved ones, I am reminded of many reason why I have so much to be grateful for and why I should give God praise.

Lately, I have found myself complaining more. Maybe it’s because we are getting close to the end of the year. Perhaps it’s the daily stress of life. Whatever my reasons are for grumbling, it needs to stop. Therefore, I wanted to do a thankful challenge to motivate myself —while encouraging you —to complain less by giving God thanks more. And I think November is the perfect month to begin this challenge.

So for 24 days, I will be sharing 24 ways we can walk in the spirit of gratitude. Starting today, at noon CST, I’ll post a challenge to help you and me focus on God’s goodness and find reasons we can be grateful.

Are you up for the challenge? Be sure to join me today at 12 pm CST as I begin the 24-day thankful challenge. You may also subscribe to my mailing list and receive daily thankful challenges delivered to your email. Complete the form to join.

Now, let’s walk in freedom giving God thanks no matter what.

Your sis,


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