Fear Always Shows Up!

I knew God had called me to do some things, but I was so afraid of doing it. I knew I couldn’t do it, not in my own strength. I felt I didn’t have the ability or know-how to handle those responsibilities.

I knew I was incapable of doing what God had called me to do, so I made excuses. Fear made me depend on myself and not on God. Fear, according to scripture, is not a spirit from God. So if fear is not from God, why do we allow it to control us? Why do we allow fear to hold us back? Why do we allow fear to cause us to second-guess what God has said and what He has told us to do?

Sis, after watching the entire video (see below) for today’s Walking in Freedom! Devotional, I want you to answer this question. What will fear motivate you to do?

Now, let’s walk in freedom together!

Your sis,

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