Today’s my Babygirl’s birthday. She is the big 25! Wow! My daughter is grown, grown! Looking back, 25 was a scary number for me. I’ve shared with you some time ago the fear I had about turning 25. And to be able to see my daughter turn this age is a blessing. I praise God!

Now my daughter is no perfect child. No child is but my children are perfect for me. They are precious gifts God has given us as an assignment to rear and train them up in the admonition of the Lord. As parents, we are called to nurture, teach, protect, provide, and pray for them. We are to guide and provide them with godly wisdom and counsel. Parenting is a huge task and a responsibility that we have until our children become adults, old enough to care for themselves. It is a hard assignment; yet, a rewarding one.

One of the things that I love most about my daughter (and there are many) is her courage and resilience.

According to, resilience is “The mental ability to recover quickly from depression, illness or misfortune.” This description is the perfect depiction of my daughter that I admire so much.

When people counted her out or tried to knock her down, my daughter quickly recovered. Even when she had a hard time believing that her change would come, her resiliency proved herself and the naysayers wrong. My daughter has something inside of her that makes her bounce back and/or adapt to the circumstances she might be experiencing. And as a believer, we know what that “something” is; it is the Greatness inside of her. My husband and I instilled this Greatness in our daughter when she was a little girl. We introduced Jesus, who is that Greatness, to our daughter and son. We modeled for our children the importance of keeping Jesus first and clinging close to Him. We taught them about His faithfulness and love for them, and how essential it is to rely on the Creator for everything. When times get tough, lean on Him even more.

Since our children were small and while they were in my womb, we spoke the living Word over them. Praised, worshipped, and prayed to God. They’ve seen it. Heard it, felt it, and participated in being in Jesus’ presence, protection, and care. It is evidence that our children know who to call on, where to turn, and what to do when life happens.

My daughter is resilient and here’s what resilience looks like:

“With hope and strength and dignity and grace, Kourtney holds her head high and puts a smile on her face.”

Rhovonda L. Brown

Happy 25th Birthday, my beloved daughter. May today fill your heart with overflowing love and peace and joy. May you continue be rise from the ashes and shine brighter and louder than ever before!

Babygirl, we love you more than you can possibly imagine!


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