My new children’s book

On July 29, 2016, I began working on a new project a few months after learning that I was going to be a grandmother. I wanted to do something creative for my daughter, Kourtney, and her first-born child, Karter. It needed to be something special that would last a lifetime.

Nearly four years later, I am thrilled to announce the completion of the project! It is a pleasure to introduce to you, “Adventures of Karter: I Need A Hug,” my first children’s book inspired by my adorable and charming grandson, Karter. Along with the photographs taken by Karter’s mom, the crayon strokes and abstract colored images captivate the main character’s personality.

What’s extra special is Kourtney has not seen or read will finally see and read Adventures of Karter: I Need A Hug She will be able to enjoy it for the first time.

Right now, Adventures of Karter: I Need A Hug (paperback) is available for now! You can pre-order the eBook in the Kindle Store   and will be auto-delivered to your Kindle or other devices on August 17, 2020, which happens to be my daughter’s birthday. 

This is my third book and my first children’s book. Exhilarating!

After reading Adventures of Karter: I Need A Hug, please leave a review on Amazon. I would love to know your thoughts about the book.

May Adventures of Karter: I Need A Hug inspire you to hug your loved ones close!

Your sis,


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