This morning during my early morning tim

This morning during my early morning time, I saw the Psalm 37:4 image popup on my Bible app. At that time I was desperately seeking to hear from the Lord because I tussling with a few things. I needed reassurance, direction, a confidence boost, and some peace. And from God’s Word, Psalm 37:4, James 1:2, and Ecclesiastes 11:5 to be exact, the Lord gave me answers. He’s so faithful!

My sis, I want to encourage you to obey the voice of the Lord. Keep Him first. Don’t try to figure Him out because we can’t. Face all your challenges with your heart filled with joy, knowing that the testing of your faith will lead to maturity. Sometimes we have to experience growing pains.

Most importantly, remember God is a promise-keeper who promises to give us the desires of our hearts. It’s that simple!

Happy Tuesday! Now, let’s walk in freedom together!!

Your sis,

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