7th Walking in Freedom! Workshop 2021

Visit my website to see some of the speakers and vendors. Click the image above to RSVP for the upcoming workshop.

Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom! ™ extends to you a joyful invitation to our 7th Walking in Freedom! Workshop. We are enthusiastic about this year’s workshop as participants have the option of attending virtually or in person. God has strategically appointed a diverse group of women to encourage and empower us to keep walking in freedom.

We will hear phenomenal women from the surrounding Houston area share powerful testimonies and expound on this year’s theme: Don’t You Know Who You Are? Embrace who you are in Christ and walk in freedom! They have graciously accepted the tremendous task of sharing biblical truths with us that will strengthen and encourage our Christian walk. Our speakers are looking forward to empowering you, women of God.

In this dark time that we are living in, all of us could use some encouragement. We need to be reminded about what God says about us, His powerful Word, and how we can stand fast on His faithfulness and promises. His Word never changes even though we do! Walking in Freedom! Workshops give you the tools, strategies, and confidence to walk in freedom with Jesus Christ.

Our 7th Walking in Freedom! Workshop will be an intimate time for women and young ladies to be encouraged and strengthened. Because of Covid-19 and safety concerns, there is limited seating. All who will attend the workshop face-to-face MUST: BE FULLY VACCINATED, complete a wellness check before entry, wear a mask covering their mouth and nose at all times. NO EXCEPTION!!

However, participants have the option of attending the workshop virtually! For those who will be attending the workshop virtually, a link and details for accessing will be sent to you via your email as we get closer to the date of the workshop.

God is preparing and already ministering to the hearts of everyone who will attend the workshop. We invite you to come participate, virtually or face-to-face, in our 2021 Walking in Freedom! Workshop. You will leave inspired, equipped, and empowered to live a life full, in freedom, trusting the Savior, and knowing your true worth. Come be richly blessed and encouraged to embrace who you are in Christ. Let us find comfort, confidence, and grace in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Click the link below to register!


  • To share the message of Jesus Christ and the love He has for you.
  • To equip you with practical, yet, biblical truths for walking this tough Christian journey.
  • To encourage, inspire, equip, and empower you to embrace who you are in Christ.
  • To bring a diverse group of women together to share powerful and awe-inspiring testimonies that will impact, bless, and strengthen you.
  • To create an atmosphere where you can be healed, delivered, and set free.
  • To encouraged and motivated you to be the unique and beautiful woman God has delicately and magnificently designed you to be.
  • To create a space where you can develop new relationships, rekindle old ones. and network with like-minded believers.