Part of the Plan

Today is my oldest brother’s birthday. He would have been 54 years old. Today was my first time ever going to his gravesite. I don’t visit graveyards. I don’t like to. Just don’t. However, since my younger brother wanted to go, I agreed. While there, we visited our brother, mom and grandparents’ gravesites and placed flowers on them. I enjoyed the conversation we had today as we drove to and from the gravesight.

Here are my thoughts:
It’s so easy to ask God WHY. It’s easy to be angry with God for the Hell I have experienced. But it’s more comforting and helpful to know and understand that my life, my journey is part of God’s glorious plan.

Everything that happens in our lives is meant to happen and it happens for a specific reason. There are no accidents or happenstance when it comes to God and the plans He has for His children. Life requires complete trust in the Creator, lots of prayers, and consistently standing on the Word of God. Most of all, we must remember and cling to Romans 8:28 and Genesis 50:20.

Here’s my encouragement for everyone of you who has experienced any kind of loss and hardship. God is faithful. What Satan meant for evil, when the enemy wanted that thing to destroy you, kill you, God meant it for your good. All off the horrible things we go through, our Heavenly Father will allow it to be for our good.

Now, let’s walk in freedom together!

Your sis,

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