This is what 28 years look like…

This is what 28 years look like: I’ve said “yes” to so many people in my life who cared nothing about me as a person. Their mission was to selfishly take, steal, lie, devalue, devour, and scheme. They took my innocence and degraded me. They confused my kindness for weakness. They had other agendas and concerns. They knew nothing about love and being selfless.

I’ve said “yes” to things that were absolutely bad for me. Those things did not make me better or improve my quality of life. Instead, they made my life worse.

But it’s not like this with you. You are my best friend who knows me better than anyone else. You love me in a why that is so beautiful, pure, incredible, and sweet. I will never get tired of quoting this Scripture about you: You truly love me like Christ loves the church.

Sweetheart, I’m so grateful and blessed that I said “yes” to you. One of the best decisions I have ever made! Thank you for loving me and being perfect for me. Thank you for treating me like a queen, your queen. Thank you for showing me my worth. Thank you for giving me your heart, and all of you. Thank you for keeping your word. Thank you for your selflessness. Thank you for bringing joy to my heart, and lifting my spirit when this world tries so often to suck the very life out of me. Thank you for cheering me on to continue pursuing and achieving the God-given dream.

Babe, I’m so thrilled that I know what 28 years look like with you!! It’s nearly 3 decades and it seems like it’s only been a few years. What a journey this has been with you! Now, let’s continue doing amazing things for God. I am looking forward to seeing what astonishing and miraculous things God has planned for us! Cheers to 28 wonderful years and many more to come! I love you!!💕

Your soulmate, best friend, partner, wife, babygirl, lover, babies’ momma and so much more!

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